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Cross-marketing of ponant CRUISES and paul gauguin CRUISES is smart marketing.

Companies and industries that compete with each other, often find that it is in their mutual best interests to merge and join forces, instead of battling each other for market share.  For example, a plastic surgeon would be smart to cross-market with a cosmetic dentist, or perhaps an upscale fitness center, as body image is central to what both of these businesses focus on. Such sectors and industries often go together like peanut butter and jelly.  The net effect is that each organization helps each other target the same audience, and in the process, both achieve higher results.

I wrote all about this in my bestselling book, Off The Wall Marketing Ideas.

This is why I believe it’s such a smart idea that the Ponant Cruise Line recently announced plans to acquire Paul Gauguin Cruises, in an attempt to capture the Paul Gauguin’s target demographic guests – and also to better market Tahiti to North America.  This was reported last week in Travel Weekly in a story by cruise editor Tom Stieghorst.

I’ve sailed twice on the Paul Gauguin cruise ship, and each voyage was marvelous.  You enjoy cuisine with a French flair, can go on shark-feeding excursions, can certainly go black-pearl shopping, and even – the climax of the trip – go to the private island of Tahaa for an exclusive beach excursion to the Windex-blue waters.

The Paul Gauguin cruise ship offers an inimitable, authentic experience to upscale luxury travelers.

But for many people, going to Tahiti is simply a dream that will never become real.  For starters, it’s an eight-hour flight from Los Angeles to Papeete, and then on to other flights in and around French Polynesia (especially if you wish to visit Bora Bora). Many people do think of the length of such travel as being an obstacle in their travel plans.  Then there’s the problem of expensive dining on the island.  The last time that I was in Tahiti, a glass of orange juice at breakfast was around $6.

But sailing on the Paul Gauguin obviates these problems.  You sail throughout Tahiti’s islands to Moorea, Raitea, Bora Bora, and other destinations, and all of your meals are included, so that you don’t have to worry about expensive cuisine. Plus, of course, you travel to these beautiful islands with unpacking only once.

As a luxury marketing consultant, and luxury hospitality expert, I believe that this new merger between Ponant and Paul Gauguin is brilliant marketing that will enhance everyone’s Tahiti and South Pacific travel objectives– as well as both Ponant and Paul Gauguin’s bottom lines.

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