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How Customer Testimonials Can Benefit Your Business

Did you know customer testimonials are just as important as content on a website? Content marketing is often about building strategies focusing on delivering your message, value, story, etc.

However, customer testimonials are just as important because other people’s words often have a lot of power to influence potential customers. Thus, testimonials should be major assets to your content marketing strategy and offer the slight push to help potential clients make a purchase.

Imagine you are searching for a place to enjoy Italian cuisine tonight and you are comparing two restaurants with the price and the menu about the same, and here is where customer testimonials come in. A well-presented testimonial could truly convince a potential client to make the decision to purchase your service or product.

So how exactly, can you produce a convincing client experience that will resonate with your sales prospects. Testimonials need to tell a story instead of just a list of features.

Now comes the hard part: actually capturing the client experience in a way that resonates with your sales prospects.

So when the testimonial is created, what is the best place to post? The answer is everywhere! Post it on your website, post it to all your social media channels, as many places as possible. Even if the visitor isn’t ready to convert yet, the message will stick to their mind.

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