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Bentley Motors Markets Tricycle To Children

The meaning behind this marketing piece: Get ’em while they’re young. As a luxury marketing expert, I can totally understand why a status-symbol car brand would develop a product to appeal to kids — who just might grow up and purchase a Bentley. This is why Bentley has just developed a tricycle for tots, which bears the prestigious Bentley name.

Last year Bentley Motors celebrated its 100th anniversary. To keep on celebrating this milestone, the prestigious marque recently released a limited-edition stroller tricycle that is geared to children. The limited-edition tricycle, designed to mimic the Bentley Continental GT, has spoked rims and cross-stitched seats, as well as eco-leather touch points, matte black detailing and gold stitching. It’s a haute couture tricycle for half-pints.

Only 570 models will be produced, according to a recent story in Robb Report.

But it’s not just a stroller.  It transforms from a luxury stroller to a sporty tricycle — when your child is ready to take the wheel.

The little bicycle also has gold diamond-stitched seats, and of course, it bears the Bentley name.

The tiny trike also features a five-point harness, a safety guard, nonslip pedals, and an optional parent control handle.

It was released by Bentley in collaboration with Posh Baby and Kids, and retails for $600.

If Robin Leach was still around, he, no doubt, would have profiled the trike on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

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